How can young people engage in learning and feel like they belong, in the wake of growing systemic inequities?

As a social justice practitioner & character educator, my practice has its roots in critical pedagogy, with a focus on civic (character) education. I facilitate sessions and conversations that allow people to dream about what could be. My sensemaking workshops often involve thought provoking questions and activities that challenge people to reflect and think critically about current social issues. I invite people to discover new possibilities, through effective questioning, and encouraging people to engage with their imagination.

My pedagogical approach and youth work practice is centred around this main question:

How can young people engage in learning and feel like they belong, in the wake of growing systemic inequities?

What I do:

Facilitating experiential learning & development — About me

I facilitate spaces that allow young people and adults to explore the root causes of social problems & structures that cause systems to behave the way they do. Providing them with guidance on the steps they can make to challenge the status quo.

My Curricula

How might we design schools and youth serving community organisations that value identity, inspire learning, and nurture community?

  • Youth participation
  • Civic leadership
  • Craftivism

— Practice influenced by the work of Youth prise

Project currently in process (2021). Pupils will explore what purpose, place and identity means to them in the current climate, reflecting on their lived experiences.

How can our safety plans contribute to the wellbeing of all our students?

  • Design Justice (challenging, rather than reproducing, structural inequalities)
  • Asset Mapping and Cartography
  • Restorative practices, social and emotional development

-informed by the work of K12 Lab and Carlene Firmin

Pupil led: Designing a whole school safety plan in response to Criminal Exploitation/Sexual Exploitation risks and vulnerability’s.

How can we ensure that our practices and policies are equitable to all young people?

  • Equity and Inclusion (co-create classroom and community interventions)
  • Education for liberation (Learning Design)
Currently hosting a 6 month, peer-led Learning Marathon for those who want to reimagine education for the future of learning. We are a collective of life long learners wanting to pursue our curiosities.

My values system

- Celebratory

- Authenticity

- Dignity

- Solidarity

- Visionary

- Liberatory

- Courageous

  1. Critical pedagogy
  2. Philosophy for children
  3. Character Education
  4. Experiential learning
  5. Design Justice (Equity-centered Design)
  6. Youth Participatory

What is? | What if? | What now?

Facilitating a space that allows young people and adults to work together. To develop the creative confidence to shape how young people experience the world.

Providing innovative models and frameworks for teaching and learning. To encourage educators and practitioners to design equitable spaces, processes & systems.

Challenge the status quo!

Feel free to get in touch!

I’m open to exploring new opportunities and partnerships! Just > fill in the form at the bottom of this page < and I’ll receive your message by email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Let me know if you’d like my consultancy |training portfolio.

Testimonials | CV

@imaniclough_ Character Educator | Facilitator | Coach | Director of @imani_academy & Host of Education for Liberation Learning Marathon.

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