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@imaniclough_ Character Educator | Facilitator | Coach | Director of @imani_academy & Host of Education for Liberation Learning Marathon.

As a social justice practitioner & character educator, my practice has its roots in critical pedagogy, with a focus on civic (character) education. I facilitate sessions and conversations that allow people to dream about what could be. My sensemaking workshops often involve thought provoking questions and activities that challenge people to reflect and think critically about current social issues. I invite people to discover new possibilities, through effective questioning, and encouraging people to engage with their imagination.

My pedagogical approach and youth work practice is centred around this main question:

How can young people engage in learning and feel like…

Meet Enrol Yourself’s first online peer group of 2021 as they embark on a 6 month learning journey to grow themselves, together…

A collage of the 10 participants on the Education for Liberation Learning Marathon
A collage of the 10 participants on the Education for Liberation Learning Marathon

Having just reached the halfway point of the Explore phase, here is an opportunity to introduce the unique mix of individuals participating in the Education for Liberation Learning Marathon. They are now in full swing of their 6-month journey to reimagine education for the future of learning, each with their own societal, personal & professional questions.

Here is a close-up of the Global based group!

1–1 session with young person, supporting with transition into new employment.

I offer personal and professional coaching for individuals at transitional life points. I believe we all have unique talents and capabilities, but sometimes fear of the unknown, societal pressure and self doubt hold us back from stepping into our truth.

My approach

My approach is strength based, and I work to encourage individuals to not be defined by their current situations and environment. I use my skills and specialism in character, personal and social development, to connect and empower people through the language of philosophy, wellbeing and morality. To enable them to live the life they’ve imagined and challenge the status quo!

In this blog, Director and Founder of Imani Academy, Imani Clough, reflects on the MA Character Education, the work of Imani Academy and what she will be doing next now that she has completed her studies! Imani explains how her studies have helped her to develop the holistic well-being and character of the young people she works with.

Why did I decide to study on the MA Character Education?

Prior to applying for the MA Character Education, my passion for social and educational justice led me to work and volunteer in the UK and overseas, in the third sector, working…

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